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  • Equilibrium



    Enjoyed this quite a lot overall!

    Main issue is the concept: this idea of creating a society can't feel any form of emotion is an interesting one to explore. The problem though is that the concept is so broad that it's of course going to get contradicted dozens of times throughout the movie. Really every character that can't feel should be acting like a Terminator, but all of them appear to have charisma in some way lol.

    That aside this movie absolutely excels in it's crazy action. The editing and cinematography accompanying it is so well stylized too.

  • Mulan



    Spectacular animation, a brilliant score & just an all round great story. Classic Disney film!

    So glad Disney recognised this as a rare gem... and didn't like erm... decide to duplicate it's success a couple decades later with a shameless cash grab reboot lol. That would be kinda silly if they did that :p

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  • The Lion King

    The Lion King

    Really great script & really great music... Oh wait, both of them are from the original.

    I'll certainly never be re-watching. Especially since I can just watch the original or.... Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.... or go to the zoo.

  • Parasite



    Oh my this was just incredible...

    Films like Parasite go to show that you don't need the corporate heads, mass-marketing or the cliché storyline to get people to watch it.

    Sometimes all you need is a creative, unique & brilliant story. Usually I'm not a fan of packed theatres but I was more than happy this time.

    I have a lot of thoughts on the film itself but I think I'll save them for a future analysis once I've watched it a couple more times.