• The Shawshank Redemption

    The Shawshank Redemption


    It's incredible how well paced this film is. There is such a great flow to the story considering how 19 whole years go by, really captures the repetitiveness of prison life.

    Still one of the best payoffs in film history.

  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil


    These movies have always had the label "so bad it's good" attached to them. After seeing this film for myself, I absolutely agree. As schlocky as it is, it's so much fun to watch. I'm hyped for the sequels!

  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

    Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol


    The Burj Khalifa scene is still petrifying every time...

  • Mission: Impossible II

    Mission: Impossible II


    The only bad 'Mission: Impossible' movie... And it's still a blast to watch!

  • The Flash

    The Flash


    I liked the line from Michael Keaton about the multiverse being like a bowl of tangled spaghetti, it's the perfect analogy for this movie too!

    'The Flash' obviously went through a production nightmare and the end result feels like 8 different movies in one.

    I enjoyed all the Batman stuff on a very superficial level. It was cool seeing Ben Affleck playing the role again, even if it is a reminder of the missed opportunity. And I felt Michael Keaton…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    Feels somewhat strange returning to this and seeing the Guardians as selfish misfits. Really shows the incredible journey they've been on and how fantastic the character writing has been along the way.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


    'Guardians of the Galaxy' is officially the only consistently great trilogy in the MCU!

    But seriously, the MCU has received a lot of criticism over the years and whilst I'm inclined to agree with most of it, we need to make sure James Gunn's work is pushed to the side, it's in a completely different realm.

    This film is so alive and creative. That one-shot scene especially gives 'Kingsman' a run for its money.

    The character work is fantastic, no…

  • The Place Beyond the Pines

    The Place Beyond the Pines


    Welp, it's depressingly great like most films featuring Ryan Gosling.

    I love the structure of this film. The idea of having 3 different stories that connect in different ways is simple, but fantastic. I wish there were more movies like this being made.

    The first story with Ryan Gosling is so brilliant, the other 2 don't quite reach that same level, but I was still completely hooked throughout.

  • The Untouchables

    The Untouchables


    Morricone's score was the perfect tone setter for this film, the stairway shootout sequence was incredible and Bob Odenkirk gave the performance of a lifetime!

  • The Butterfly Effect

    The Butterfly Effect


    Watched the director's cut.

    The premise of this film is far better than the film itself. "The Butterfly Effect" is such an interesting concept to think about. The idea that a small, seemingly insignificant change can drastically alter an outcome is fascinating to think about it. I don't feel like this movie captures that concept to the fullest extent. The story is very narrow and doesn't explore enough alternate realities.

    That being said, the film is very inoffensive, has good…

  • The Day After Tomorrow

    The Day After Tomorrow

    It's ironic how a movie this bad contains a scene of a tornado wiping out The Hollywood Sign.

  • Southpaw



    A lot to like about this film. Very emotionally impactful. Performances are excellent all round. The boxing scenes aren't quite on 'Raging Bull' levels, but are still really well done.

    Unfortunately there's quite a bit of nonsense in the B story that I find really distracting. I don't understand how it's even possible for a multimillionaire boxer (who was 43-0) to go into deep dept and loose absolutely everything. The contrived plot feels like a result of the film not really knowing if it wants to be a revenge story or a Rocky 1 style underdog story.