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    Last update: Sept 14, 2023

    A collection of reviews that I think everyone should read. Some of them are great analysis, some are a cry for help, some are both and all the things.

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    If you like this idea you should do it too! I’d love to know what your fav reviews are! 


    Close by Sin ✊🏿

    Liar Liar by Leighton Trent

    After Yang by taliesin82


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  • Moss Rose

    Moss Rose

    The most AI written script ever

  • The Unknown Country

    The Unknown Country

    Part of the Films That Promote Humanism collection.

    A film so deeply intimate it verges on the voyeuristic. Also: an example of sensitive and sensible visual and contextual storytelling even when there's barely a narrative. Also: another tender heartbreaking performance by Gladstone. Also: there are so many filmic techniques used here that I would criticize (eye-roll) in other films, like drones, that not only get a pass here, they are used with *chef's kiss* great taste and totally appropriate for…

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  • The Executioner

    The Executioner


    If you are reading this chances are you are neither exceptionally wealthy or poor. But right now, as I write this in March, the year of the pandemic, the world is collapsing around us.

    That means, because of the systemic fragility of runaway capitalism, that you are in real danger of tumbling from the working/middle class into the band of poverty below you.

    You can feel the danger inside you. It is palpable. You can hear it your boss’s hesitant…

  • Seberg



    [There are SPOILERS in the 5th paragraph but that’s OK because you should NOT see this film.]

    Here’s what happened in 1970:

    The FBI manipulated facts and created a completely false narrative in order to fuck with Jean Seberg because she said nice things about black people.

    Here’s what happened in 2020:

    A white Hollywood writer couple with legacy pedigree and an Icelandic via Australian director manipulated facts and created a completely false narrative in order to fuck with Jean…