Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★½

A film about what happens when a blind obedience to authority is confronted with a genuine abiding love.

Yes, of course the 10 year old boy talks like a 44 year old comic actor/screen writer. That was done on purpose and is even called out in the dialog. By making the exterior of the character 10 years old you can immediately forgive him for being, you know, a fucking Nazi. Also: in case you missed it his best friend is an imaginary caricature as well.

Jojo is a stand in for an adult with two major characteristics: He is too immature, on his own, to recognize the bubble of his society’s authoritarian trappings. But this is contrasted with a deep and mature intuition about romantic love because of some superb parenting. His love for Elsa is not a child’s whimsical infatuation. He has earned it through time and respect even through his clumsy expression of it.

This film is intended and structured like a feel good comedy but with a couple very dark turns. Most of the humor is really lol funny until the final scenes were some awful shit is played for laughs that didn’t work for me.

[UPDATE: I have been schooled]

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