Parasite ★★★★★

Lately I've been thinking a lot about a script writer's target audience. Specifically, the baseline of intelligence they take for granted. By 'intelligence' I mean both raw brain computing power but also knows the language of storytelling - i.e. wrote a dissertation on "Chekhov's gun."

A script that doesn't demand much will have tons of exposition, a singular theme and motivation, characters and settings everybody can relate to.

And while pretentious scriptwriters conflate vagary and domain specific knowledge for making smart cinema, brilliant artists who aim high render films like Discreet Charm or Synecdoche because they are happy to write-off large swaths of audiences who... um... well... won't get it.

You're going to read a lot of reviews that comment on the number of genres this film bends and blends. But what I found fascinating was the multiple levels of intelligence it serves so well. As in: really thoroughly slaughters.

Consider the diversity of the reviews here at LBX. People looking for nothing but a visceral experience are in for a great rollercoaster of lovable and relatable characters, fun and funny plot points and harrowing hairpin turns. All the while, the film simultaneously feeds the geekiest cinefile with years worth of teasing apart the allegories, signposts, tells, winks and nods; not to mention the very thoughtful, high-falutin thematic raw meat for shut-ins whose idea of a well spent Friday night is watching two hour of Harari and Diamond discussing the state of the human condition.

You may not agree with the filmmaker's point of view but I can't imagine an axis on which the film itself can be criticized. I'm not going to commit to saying this is a film without flaws, I'm just saying I didn't see any of them on the first viewing.

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