Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ★★★½

A funny and cleverly written mockumentary by some of the guys from SNL. I had a great time watching this, I wasn't expecting very much. But it was more then fine. Andy Samberg still kills it in comedic roles. He was actually great in this movie. The story on the other hand had to make place for the silly, but funny jokes. They weren't laugh out loud moments, but more like "Oh, that's clever". There where some hart felt moments in it as well. Mostly because Andy, Akiva and Jorma have great chemistry together. If they want, they could be a real boy band. But the movie starts to drag around the middle, because nothing new happens. It's always the same stuff we see. That doesn't last long because we're introduced to some new characters and we are interested again. The movie is around 80 minutes long, but it felt like a movie that lasted for 100 minutes. Some parts are long, and then other parts just flew by.
Overall this movie was great. One of the best comedies released this year.

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