Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½

I absolutely loved this movie. This was the pure definition of a fun summer blockbuster. Jon Watts delivered some amazing action sequences. But he also served it with the right amount of sentiment and emotion. The whole aftermath of Endgame has left a big impact on these characters and especially Peter. Everyone is expecting him to be the next Iron Man, but he's still learning how to balance his social life with the superhero stuff. I thought it was executed brilliantly, both the script and the direction were done greatly. It's a high school drama disguised as a superhero movie. The comedy and jokes were freaking hilarious. It's a mix of dry humor and laugh out loud moments.

The acting was also great. Tom Holland can play Spider-Man for the rest of his life. He's just so damn likeable when he's wearing the mask and also when he's not. He has the right amount of quirkiness and awkwardness. And let's talk about Jake Gyllenhaal here for a second. Also a great performance. You can't help but like the guy. I love his charisma towards the other characters. Zendaya had a much bigger role in this movie. She's also, you guessed it, adorable as MJ.

As I said before, Watts delivered some great action set pieces. He learned a lot from the first movie and took it with him for this one. My only nitpick is the reliance on the CGI. I miss the real action instead of the CG explosions. I know you can't do it much differently with all the stuff going on. But look at what Raimi accomplished with his movies. He did some amazing stuff.

My nitpicking aside, I had a blast with this awesome movie. It's a fun ride from start to finish.

And stick around for those two after-credits scenes. One is quite surprising and fun at the same time. The other one will change your view of the movie.

Go and see it!

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