Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

This movie was so goddamn great. It's a masterpiece. I've been waiting for so long to see this. I was actually shaking in my seat, because of the nerves, when the movie was about to begin. The anticipation ran so high. This isn't just "a movie" anymore, no, it's Star Wars! And it was satisfying. And better than The Force Awakens...

Rian Johnson clearly put his own voice into this movie. It's very different from TFA. Johnson twisted everything I was expecting. And I adored that. This movie explores the other beings, worlds and things out there in the galaxy and introduces it to us in such a nice way. I heard some complains about the story arc of Finn and Rose. I honestly didn't had a problem with that. But I can't tell anything because spoilers duh.

Mark Hamill was amazing. He gave one of the best performances ever. Everybody was actually pretty damn amazing. Daisy Ridley of course was brilliant and is growing into one great actress. Now that every character has been introduced to us, they can explore them more and we see them grow. And that is exactly what Rian Johnson did.

There's a lot of dialogue in the movie. But it's well balanced with some awesome looking action scenes. Johnson clearly has a knack for it. What he also understands very well is humor. The humor in this movie was hilarious. I wanted to clap my hands with some moments, but I couldn't because I would be the only one and it would have been really awkward. So I laughed...hard and weird. And the lightsaber battles were eye candy. Seriously, they were filmed and helmed so beautiful.

My final thing I want to say is...the production design. Holy shit, the sets were gorgeous to look at. But I can't say anything about that either because goddamn spoilers.

I'm gonna leave it by this and end this review. I wanna scream so many things that happen in this movie. But there was one moment were I had a huge smile on my face. And I cried three times, so yeah...go see it and may the force be with you...always...

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