Suspiria ★★★

Being a fan of the original one I was curious in what kind of direction they where taking the remake. This one is, of course, very different. The candy colors are gone, there's more plot and a lot of bonkers crazy horror sequences.

The movie starts out slowly with a great opening scene that is setting the tone. A tone that choses to be darker and grittier. I was sold and on board. The story then proceeds, we meet our main character, played wonderfully by Dakota Johnson, who arrives at the dance academy.

There the mystery surrounding this place and it's weird characters starts to unfould. Strange things are happening and then a brilliant sequence occurs where Johnson's character is dancing, but it's connected to something far more sinister. And that's the moment where the movies tells you it's not kidding around. There're a lot of those sequences, especially the one in the final act, but I'll come to that one later.

I was going along with everything. But then the movie made some odd choices with it's characters and story. There is a certain plotline with a psychiatrist that felt unnecessary to the movie. If they showed it a couple of times it would've worked. But they decided to cut back to much to that character. But that's just an opinion. Maybe that'll chance when I watch this movie again.

The movie also lost me a bit towards the end. It's just a crazy over the top sequence with a lot of blood flying everywhere. It looked really nice, but a voice in the back of my head was yelling 'What the fuck is going on?!'. It's just so weird and sudden.

Also a quick mention about the fucking great cinematography and montage in this movie. Excellent work. Everything looked amazing and breathtaking.

The movie offers a lot chills and gore, but they'll leave you scratching your head. I think they also decided to go with a more visually driven movie than narratively. Style over substance? And I mean that in a good way...

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