The Social Network ★★★★½

Yes, I'm one of those few people who still hasn't seen this movie. I can't find an excuse for ignoring it all those years. I kept postponing it until I just forgot about it. And now that I've finally seen it, I can say that it's a freaking masterpiece. This movie has it all. Combining Sorking with Fincher was the best thing that ever happened. The script is magnificent. The dialogue is fluent and is used for character development instead of boring exposition. The cinematography was beautiful. Fincher can make some really slick looking movies.

The acting was also phenomenal. Excellent performances from everybody, even the side characters were interesting. But the stand out wasn't Jesse Eisenberg, it was Andrew Garfield. That guy killed it. He was terrific and it was probably one of his best performances of his career. I'm not saying that Eisenberg was bad or anything. He was great. But Garfield stole the show. I'm glad I saw this movie.

By the way, thanks for the blu ray Nathan...

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