The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections

Well everyone looked great but...

Writing, tone, pacing and even some designs and performances feel like they belonged to an entirely different series - which is VERY interesting given that so much of this 4th movie is first and foremost about recapturing the previous 3.

Revolutions is at ends with itself. New rules are introduced but without sufficient weight (or even steaks) for them to be respected. Choppy editing brings 1 scene quickly to another. Travel to the 'real world' feels just as unhindered as it is in the matrix while characters often appear from nowhere. It's hard to care or understand who's where or why.

The villains are unnecessarily dastardly.
They're evidently more excited to explain their schemes than they are to execute them. Agents are disposable - any broad shouldered, square jawed white guy will do.

Oh and for christ sakes Hollywood, if you feature a video games company could you do some fucking research. Stop showing us sleek offices and arrogant Millenials.