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I'm pretty sure that this on LSD is the greatest cinematic experience of all time. Seriously. I'm not even ironically overstating this time. Holy shit. It's crazy, dude, like real crazy. This movie's got the most insane visuals of the year. Don't watch this if you're epileptic. The climax? Goddamn son. The most aesthetically fantastic climax in the MCU, probably in superhero film history but I don't wanna think right now. This here is what I like to call "the real shit". Scott Derrickson nails the direction. Action directing, crazy-ass-shit directing, it's solid from the beginning to the end. Michael Giacchino's score is splendid too. Benedict is great, tons of charisma and strong presence, Tilda Swinton is the next best thing. I can't help to think about Aang when she's fighting but hey. Mads Mikkelsen is good too. Humor is excellent but we all know that by now don't we. As far as problems go; the usual shallow villain thing, and I feel like it could've explored better the spirituality of this new corner of the MCU, but it's a more than competent introduction, and I'm excited to see more of that. I love the fact that Marvel didn't give away the real climax of the movie in the trailers (BECAUSE SERIOUSLY IT'S UNBELIEVABLY SPECTACULAR) and there's also one more surprised they had in store that pleased me and I'm sure it's gonna please the fans, but I was quite disappointed about one aspect of it that I can't really go on about without spoiling what it is, so... And also as much as they didn't inovate in the narrative at all (which is something I'm not going to even address at this point), the conflict resolution, you know, the "final battle" was something pretty different than what Marvel has ever made, it's something that could only happen in a Doctor Strange movie and I really loved it. To sum up yeah Doctor Strange is a great time, not a big deal narratively, but it's the greatest aesthetic spectacle of the year for sure.

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