Hereditary ★★★★½

Hereditary is one of those movies where you have to automatically go and watch every video you can find about it, because it just sticks in your brain so godd**n much. Very effective and unsettling, and to be honest, I didn't know how to react to certain things that happened. There were some scenes where I laughed out loud, even though it wasn't funny, just because I was so nervous and wanted to release the tension I was feeling. So yeah, take it from a guy who isn't scared easily by horror movies, this one got to my core. The cast is amazing, the cinematography is beautiful, the writing and directing is on point, everything is so technically masterful. Plus as a family drama it's so engaging and tragic, which makes the horror parts even more disturbing, because you love the characters so much. Yeah this one is going to stick with me for a long time. 9/10

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