Annette ★★★★

Annette is a film that's not like any other musical film we see, but it contains a very sinister tone underneath the sweet lovestory of Henry McHenry & Ann. With gorgeous songs composed by the Sparks Brothers, and Carax directing a feature after 10 years just found a very homogeneous way to merge the very different styles of both of them. In one hand we have the eccentric character of Henry (Adam Driver) who's a comedian with very jarring provocative tactics, and on the the other this frantic-ness of the film is balanced out by the calm & composed character of Ann (Marion Cotillard) who's an Opera singer. We follow their lives as they fall in love and have their first child which proves to be a decisive point in their lives. As the film progresses it gradually looses it's momentum and we are just receiving innumerable songs accompanying the scenes which felt like an endless circle of nothingness. The mid section of the film is clichéd, and filled with over-the-top dialogues which are primarily substituted by songs doesn't really help much to make the film tad bit exciting. As we approach towards the final 30minutes, we see the film picks up a new found sincerity which again makes us invested in the plot. The last song that are exchanged between the characters really makes us feel for the film. The cohesiveness with which the film started comes back and the whole setting becomes a curious watch. If I could really try to decipher some of the jarring approach that the makers have taken, it's fairly understandable that "Annette" who's shown as a puppet signifies the way the child in the film is exploited for selfless gains. Henry's farce character treats women as some sort of commodity and through which he can use them as his personal gains. This is another reason to like the overall film.

Even if Annette as a film is very messy, all over the place & over exaggerated, no one can really deny the fact how great the direction of Carax looks in the whole film. From the unconventional start to whole set-up everything is being done that give the whole film a larger than life persona.

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