Satantango ★★★★★

Only went to the bathroom twice, proud of that.

Funny enough you barely feel the 7 hours, feels more like 3 hour film (which is still a lot but ok), each shot feels so hypnotic and meticulously crafted, it feels unlike anything I've seen before. The music slaps too.

Béla Tarr responding to if he hurt the cat while filming:

Are you crazy? I had two cats at home. Can you believe that I would kill a cat?! Never! First of all, we knew the cat scene [was coming] and we knew that the cat would have to rehearse with the girl. Every day in the hotel room they would do this kind of ‘turning’ game. By the end, the cat was used to this and did not care. We knew that the cat has to die, so I called my vet, who was looking after my cat at home, and he came to the location. I told him, ‘You have to give her a sleeping injection. We will push the button on the camera when you give us a sign that the cat is getting dizzy’. We shot on his signal and the cat fell asleep. The whole crew stood around waiting for 25 minutes until she started to wake up. It was totally okay. The cat did not have any trouble, believe me. All the cat noises you hear are samples that we found from the sound archive on the internet, because the cat was totally silent.

Also, this film is longer than my average night of sleep.

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