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  • Steve Martin: The Television Stuff

    Steve Martin: The Television Stuff


    Third disc of this set has an hour long series of Steve Martin introducing and reflecting on his favorite talk show appearances, early starts on a kiddie show, and award show acceptance appearances. This is prime A good comedy especially the self-deprecating, yet ego filled award show speeches.

  • Buzzin' Around

    Buzzin' Around


    Wild surreal Fatty Arbuckle comedy short with sound. Fatty develops a liquid that, when applied will make glass and chinaware unbreakable and just bounce when dropped. (Maybe this was later seen by Disney and sparked the idea of Flubber) He plans to sell it in the big city to a China shop, but it gets mixed up with a jar of his friend's moonshine. There are a lot of great sight gags, bee hives put in place of footballs, and strange inventions including a bath tub sidecar motorcycle. Havoc reigns in the conclusion, as expected. This was a good time.

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  • Small Soldiers

    Small Soldiers


    Another in the series of a Joe Dante speciality: the "back lot" suburbs of movie America that must battle the strange invaders of dark humored menace. Faintly recall this being advertised as a kids' film, it isn't. This is dark cartoon of corporate America and the military industrial complex controlling all we do in work, home and leisure and entertainment and our ignoring of this fact. Grand fun.

  • The Concorde... Airport '79

    The Concorde... Airport '79

    So wonderfully bad. Awful guest stars on supersonic concorde flight that is targeted for destruction by evil arms dealer Robert Wagner; missiles fly at the plane, renegade French phantom jets, and then cargo door sabotage that creates decompression. The constant effect of the plane turning and rolling and just being upside down as Martha Raye does comedic mugging and Jimmie Walker plays his saxophone while smoking pot are hilarious. However, the sexist comments made by George "Hey, Honey, that's why…