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  • Death to Smoochy

    Death to Smoochy


    Very funny, and whenever it's not funny, it merely settles for being one of the most visually astounding studio movies of the century, charting the path between kids-show aesthetics and 70s Dario Argento. It might be a lost masterpiece if it threaded the needle a little better with Robin Williams, who's certainly attuned to the movie's frothing mania but in a much more surfacey way than Edward Norton and Catherine Keener, who are just terrific. Williams is in the version…

  • Don't Come Knocking

    Don't Come Knocking


    This might reach greatness if not for Gabriel Mann's sniveling turd taking up space, but as is it's an engaging meander with astounding cinematography and enough great performances to minimize the damage Mann keeps doing. He doesn't remotely deserve the luxury of having Fairuza Balk as a screen partner.

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