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  • The Lure

    The Lure


    Just your typical run of the mill mermaid surrealist fairytale cannibal musical.

  • Vivre Sa Vie

    Vivre Sa Vie


    first criterion channel viewing🎞

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  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird

    As any worthwhile angsty teen I went through an anarchist phase. I had lofty goals, felt stuck in a small town, had an urge to move to Los Angeles, and experienced a disconnect with the majority of the people I went to church with.

    The sincerity of this film is unreal. As she struggles with romance, college, familial disputes, and friends it chronicles not only the beauty but the clumsiness of becoming an adult.

    Some of my most precious memories…

  • The Beach Bum

    The Beach Bum


    After seeing this three times I finally feel like I can somewhat convey my feelings about this film. 

    THE BEACH BUM is a big step in the evolution of Harmony Korine as a filmmaker. As he gets older and seems to have more control over his creativity. (possibly due to more tame drug usage) He gives audiences his most accessible film while not giving up the anarchistic nature of his earlier films. 

    The environments in his films are always incredible…