Lady Bird

As any worthwhile angsty teen I went through an anarchist phase. I had lofty goals, felt stuck in a small town, had an urge to move to Los Angeles, and experienced a disconnect with the majority of the people I went to church with.

The sincerity of this film is unreal. As she struggles with romance, college, familial disputes, and friends it chronicles not only the beauty but the clumsiness of becoming an adult.

Some of my most precious memories of that time in my life are those moments that aren't perfect but real. Uncoordinated and awkward, maybe but the sweetest memories I have are never picture perfect nor do they need to be.

The on-going journey to better ourselves, progresse in our goals, and learning to love others despite always screwing up it encourages audiences to keep pressing on.

Lady Bird captured the absurdity of growing up while highlighting what makes it truly beautiful.

"I'm better than I used to be.
Better than I was yesterday.
But hopefully not as good as I'll be tomorrow."

- Marianne Williamson