Vox Lux ★★★★

i keep seeing reviews and articles about how awful and unlikeable celeste is... and i have to say i really don’t get it. she survived a tragedy and was almost immediately launched into international stardom, and like anyone whose had to grow up too fast, she’s a little emotionally stunted from these two cataclysmic life events. 

she’s not more unlikeable than a walter white/don draper type (which is painfully cliche to use as a comparison at this point, i know) and she’s a much more interesting music figure than ally or jackson maine in a star is born (another futile comparison as the two films couldn’t be more different). so the hate is a bit much of you ask me. 

natalie portman and raffey cassidy knock it out of the park. also raffey and stacy martin playing sisters is something i didn’t know i needed?? the cast was really strong

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