Ask our critics anything, and they'll answer your questions on Film Club next week

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Every few days, A.V. Club film critics A.A. Dowd and Katie Rife plug a microphone into their laptops, retreat to a DIY sound booth in their respective apartments, and have a virtual conversation. The result is our weekly podcast Film Club, which drops every Friday (or most Fridays, anyway—we’re only human!), and covers a variety of topics. Last year, for example, the two talked about everything from the complete filmography of Christoper Nolan to the state of movie theaters during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to which film about the White House being overthrown by terrorists is better. (Okay, that last discussion turned out to be a little more prophetic than we hoped.)

Next week, Film Club is trying something a little different. It’s you, the readers and listeners, who will guide the conversation on a very special AMA episode of the podcast. Have some burning inquiry about The A.V. Club? Want to know what it’s like to be a film critic in 2021? Curious how Katie and Alex feel about a particular movie or franchise or trend? Ask away, and they just might answer on next week’s episode. 

To submit a question, follow this link, and submit a question in the comment section under the article.