All That Jazz

All That Jazz ★★★★★

"That's good. I can use that."

Dunno what I could possibly contribute to the discussion on this one that hasn't already been said. What I will say is that this struck me as one of the most emotionally multifaceted films I've seen, its portrait of Joe Gideon (and thusly Fosse himself) feels complete, unvarnished and truthful, even as filtered through the film's resplendent pageantry. Yes, there are elements that can be construed as ego-driven (Bob uhh, really really wants you to know what a lot of pussy does to a mf, but also it's true so idk lol), but for every moment like that there's a moment of startling self-critique, of Fosse's clear articulation how he fucks up on a daily, even hourly basis, how he has experienced the joys of life but also the sadness, the anxiety, the pain and fear. Absolutely stunning tonal tightrope of joy and melancholy, allowing Fosse to literally write his own epitaph preemptively, but not letting it simply become a desperate, fatalistic dirge, instead finding in it all the different emotions a person can experience. There's fear in letting go, and harsh finality (that final shot, Jesus), but there's peace too. Will need roughly 1000 more viewings to fully process this, I imagine as I age my relationship to it will change too.

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