Suspiria ★★★★

"It's all a mess."

Is this a movie about abuse of power and denial of reality (and how one transcends this by accepting their true self)? Is it a movie about forgiving the complacent idiots who allowed the rise of fascism? Or is it about both, about both the complacent people denying reality and the supposedly righteous and honest forgiving them leading to the cycle of horror starting all over again? The fact that I can never quite get a full read on what this film's exact intentions are is precisely what makes it so compelling. A movie that traffics in like, for real ambiguity (which is why a bunch of people hated it lol). Also it's a gorgeous, insane, hypnotic nightmare movie so there's that. Deserves to be remembered along with THE FLY and THE THING as a top shelf horror remake.

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