The Social Network ★★★★★

The Social Network is about a lot of things, but I like that it's an ideas movie at its core. 

Friendship. Betrayal. Entrepreneurship. Power. Love. Lust. Truth. Fiction. 

It's an Aaron Sorkin film, so the dialogue is the star. But in my opinion, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake all give career best performances in this movie. Every moment is captivating, no matter if the characters are being good or bad. And there's plenty of both. Everyone flip-flops between playing the hero and villain quite often. 

Having seen this movie multiple times, I do have to wonder if Sorkin wanted the audience to come to individual conclusions about the moral quandaries of these characters. As I see it, Zuckerberg is a pretty selfish character, Eduardo is pretty naïve, Sean Parker is pretty sleezy, and the Winklevosses are pretty entitled. And yet, someone else can watch this movie and come to slightly different conclusions. 

Really in the end, that's what makes this a good movie. It makes you think. It makes you come to your own conclusions. Was the Facebook team a bunch of jerks or geniuses? Relationship status: it's complicated.

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