Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Promising Young Woman has been my most anticipated film from 2020. I’ve finally got around to watching it.(Streamed version copied to DVD) not perfect. Saw a trailer for this film well over a year ago before the global pandemic and it looked like a film that was going to be brilliant. Carey Mulligan one of my fave actresses in this kind of role looked very intriguing.

Film probably didn’t live up to my expectations. A female revenge film with a difference. Black comedy.Enjoyed this a lot but perhaps expected a bit more shock value. A little unfocused with gaps in the storyline.  

Director & Writer Emerald Fennell well known for the  great tv series Killing Eve is really good in her first feature film. She creates a similar world with a female protagonist being highly mercurial and a little psychotic but loveable. Carey Mulligan is so good in every scene that you wonder what her Character Cassie is capable of.  Perhaps I thought she might be a bit more dangerous .  

Much has been said about the ending which was unexpected but adds to the difference of the story

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