Yavor Ivanov

Yavor Ivanov


Favorite films

  • Nostos: The Return
  • Fireworks
  • Heart of Glass
  • Cutter's Way

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  • Quest


  • The Christian Revolt


  • Innerspace


  • DeepStar Six


Pinned reviews

  • His Motorbike, Her Island

    His Motorbike, Her Island


    Своенравният глас на фрий-джаза, срещащ и разтварящ се в нечутата въздишка на моно но аваре.
    Светлосенките по необятната монохромна мантия на небитието и дупките из нея, през които яркият, цветен лик на битието проблясва и диханието му глухо звънти със стъпките на онзи вихрогон, чиито копита не докосват земята.
    Изгубени любовници и среднощни ездачи, неуморно следващи по петите капризния вятър, на чиито криле, неуловима, се носи нирвана.

Recent reviews

  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford


    Cimmerian, lyrical film, watching it is like walking through an abandoned amusement park. If you try hard enough, you can almost hear the decayed laughter of some long-buried better days.

  • We Can't Go Home Again

    We Can't Go Home Again


    "I made ten goddamned westerns and I can't even tie a noose."
    Nicholas Ray

    Или как се пали огън във водата.
    Чистилищен блус, долетял с радиоактивните облаци директно от граунд зиро.

Popular reviews

  • A Visitor to a Museum

    A Visitor to a Museum


    "Who's there?! Who are you?!", startled the Visitor repeatedly exclaims throughout the film, sharply addressing the camera, and by extension, addressing you, the viewer. Along with the diegetic industrial grind, the faint sounds around you unexpectedly become diegetic too. Your room transforms into one of the secret walled-up chambers of the Museum. And you, the viewer, somehow end up being converted into a henchman of the ever silent God. Numb, voiceless sphinx watching behind a one-way mirror while the basic…

  • And God Said to Cain

    And God Said to Cain


    And Kinski said to God: I am thy wrath, and I shall wear the Masque of the Red Death tonight!

    A rising, portentous wind carrying the madness behind Aguirre's eldritch blue eyes released upon Prospero's desperate midnight hour. Gothic euro-western as black as the feathers of Poe's raven.