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This review may contain spoilers.

I seem to have watched the 72 min (1942 re-release) version.

I gave it 7/10 on IMDb.

My review there is still being rated and may fail and be rejected which is why I came to this site to begin with, because I hadn't left my review elsewhere to copy somewhere else.

April 22
Finally! My review made it on IMDb so now, I copy paste it here!

Clowns, Mr. Bean, & Charles Chaplin's the tramp funny or scary?

I used to pass by Charles Chaplin on ART Teens when I was a kid, but I had an aversion to "the tramp" because, well, he wasn't good looking and kinda scared me. I also couldn't perceive silent movies as funny due to what resembled canned laughter.

This was meant to be my first silent film, and so I decided to now hit the Charlie as my starter to uphold what felt like a rite of passage, and to see if grownup me will have another eye. The only torrent with good seeders I found was this, and it turned out to be a revival where there was a narrative which made it not so silent.

And now after my life story, I'll actually talk about the movie itself.

I have to admit this was not a disappointing movie. I still stand that "the tramp" gives me the wiggins. I also still stand that it's not funny, but rather serious and meaningful. I chuckled one to two times but my eyes welled up about three.

Having looked up Charles at some point and seen that he's actually cute, gave me a new appreciation of him, to stifle his good looks in the persona of the tramp, it made me even admire him.

Some of the characters annoyed me but they were actually well portrayed not over acted much. Maybe I was lucky with this movie?

Georgia Hale: did really well. A great portrayal of being irritated by ones who like and drool over you. A greater portrayal of still seeking attention and enjoying tantalizing men. And then of course feeling bad, getting touched and changing as a person.

Charles Chaplin the narrator: quite fast and cynical, highly moving and anchoring even.

Charles Chaplin the writer: Quite talented in being earthbound and keeping to the too real and human.

Charles Chaplin the director: Good Job capturing human nature's wretchedness in the ups and downs of dire situations.

Original Compositions Charles Chaplin teamed up with the Musical Direction of Max Terr: make for a not boring movie.

Finally Charles Chaplin the actor: great at portraying disappointment, optimism, and instinctual survivalism, a heartwarming hopefulness, and exciting anticipation.

Mack Swain: annoying not funny bully and great at it.

Malcolm Waite: less annoying funny bully, and good at it.

An all in all lovely movie that played with my fear of heights😂. And instilled the notion of where there's will, there's a way. While not failing to shed light on the phenomenon of those who discover lands kick out the people that were already in them, while making it seem right. Just because "Tom Moray" playing "Black Larson" was not on the level-granted he was bad for not letting people in need for food and shelter in, but that's a prerogative. An issue for human rights activists😂-does not make it okay to overtake his dwellings.

I need to watch other movies first before I decide on the possibility of recommending and/ or rewatching it.