single white femalien

single white femalien


I am not sequenced to respond to the demands of waste material.

Favorite films

  • Glitter Goddess of Sunset Strip
  • Club Lingerie
  • Beauty Queen Butcher
  • Some Nudity Required

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  • King Knight

  • Prey

  • The Coca-Cola Kid

  • Below the Belt

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  • Prey


    they've gotta bring back endangering people with real live vicious animals for my entertainment i can't handle these big cgi lions and tigers and bears oh my

  • Below the Belt

    Below the Belt

    i thought this was gonna be lurid explo trash but instead its a pretty solid drama about a bunch of lady wrasslers!! its true big bitch problems that no one else gets hype when shirley stoler appears in a movie when u were least expecting her but i really do i love her so much but all of the gals in this are really amazing. this was great!!!

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  • Final Destination

    Final Destination

    final destination is my favorite movie cuz the boys go poop together. I love positive depictions of male friendship! yes we stan boys who are regular ❤

  • Monster


    the rape scene in this is a good example of the way rape scenes should be handled. its not titillating or sexy for men. it's scary and awful and painful to watch, not b/c it's grotesquely fetishistic & there to remind you that the filmmaker doesn't see you, a woman, as a person worth making movies for but b/c it's a horrific violent assault being enacted on a woman. i don't know if that's necessary still but if rape has to…