Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★½

im sorry to say this (because i hate nostalgia in film culture or anywhere really but in this context its fine because a. i'm me! i can do whatever i want and judge other people for engaging in the same exact behaviors!!! and b. im nostalgic for shit trash) but im nostalgic for early 2000s (studio) horror. i love how fugly and bad it is and how they try to be """funny""" but not really in an obnoxious meta way even tho we're living in a post-scream world at this point and i love when they cast people from destiny's child and then write them to call frederick krueger a f*gg*t because he's wearing a "christmas" sweater??? that doesnt make sense!!! i'm not even mad about the 10s rape in this because its soooo dumb, jason impales the raper with a pipe and then throws him like a 100 feet in the air which imo is how we should handle all rapists, find an undead killing machine to obliterate them and only them not the rape victims FUK U JASON YOU'RE THE WORST i take it back i don't like my plan to end rapists anymore there's too many ways it could go wrong

anyway i liek this movey

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