• Firestarter


    some of those father/daughter scenes between david keith and drew barrymore really had me CRYING lmao. "for you, daddy." i wanna burn something down too i bet that would feel good! i can be a lil firestarter if i set my mind to it! it's been exactly a month since my dad died i have literally never been this emotional in my life. honestly that's probably not true i've had big major depression epochs i kind of just always forget…

  • Stoney Knows How

    Stoney Knows How

    im sorry please forgive me but i didnt know ed hardy is a real person.... he gets a really great tattoo of a rat from stoney!

  • Moonstruck


    no one will EVER be more beautiful than cher in moonstruck????????? just the most stunning magnetic person who has ever lived??? i cannot believe it???????????? i can but wow! i also love nic who is not hunky at all he never has been and never will be but he's so dopey & dumb my bestie said he's like a mangy trash dog u find in a gutter that u can't help but love which is true imo hes just so endearing i DO understand why cher fell in love with him over a weekend... this is so romantic!! THE ONLY GOOD MOVIE!!!

  • The Killing Kind

    The Killing Kind


    god truly nothing better to me than a deranged psychosexual mommy issues nightmare riddled with full on BEASTS from HELL!!!! "it must feel wonderful..." "what?" "being RAPED!"

  • Where Is Mama

    Where Is Mama

    where's mama? i found her..... she's at home plunging a week's worth of seven cats' shits that she decided to flush down the toilet and is texting me & my sister about it as she attempts to fix this insanely stupid yet uDDerly typical mess! guess what!! it was "alot and hard." WHO DOES THIS????????? IF CAT SHIT COULD BE FLUSHED DOWN A TOILET WE'D ALL BE DOING IT BUT WE ALL KNOW IT CANNOT BE DONE!!!! WHY????????? one great thing…

  • About the Fisherman and the Fish

    About the Fisherman and the Fish

    i watched this without subtitles but if u read the folktale (or, i'll be honest, a summary like i did cuz i'm lazy) beforehand u can piece it together imo. this is such lovely playful stop motion, bright and colorful! i think i'm gonna bite the bullet on adding russian fairy tales to my own pantheon fairy tale and folktale library...

  • Matched


    i love when a movey is fully in ADR and has original songs at all but one about doing sex although the sexless one at the end is incredible too and the entire script sounds like it was written by someone who's never seen a movie or talked to a human person before even once in his life which sounds like sarcasm or irony to an untrained eye but i really love all that stuff so much! there's a scene…

  • Welcome to Spiveys Corner

    Welcome to Spiveys Corner

    i think if i made movies this is the kinda stuff i'd love to do, ethnographic documentation of insular folk cultures i guess i just love this kinda thing so much ever since i seen a les blank movie and then a buncha les blank movies in one of my earlier cinephile iterations... hooked!! i love watching it so much i really love learning about these small isolated communities with their own unique quirks and peculiarities. this is heaven to me!!!! it does not get better than this!!

  • The Curse

    The Curse

    i was talking to hollie about my covid-induced(?) HEAVY FLOW(!) and she said i should watch this. she was right!!! this IS a movie for people who bleed through all their tampons for days straight!! i'm not tearing guys apart in a sex rage but the night is young in that it's 2 in the afternoon tbh so anything can happen. this is honestly genuinely funny & a lil sweet and sydney def clocked it with the sudden manhattan ref cuz i was thinking to myself it's a little like an adrienne shelly werewolf period horror comedy. i loved it! great movie!!

  • Mongrel


    i been asking all my dearly beloved friends for movie recs and this was hollie's choice for me. it takes a minute to get going but once it really does with a man getting fatally electrocuted during a sex-based prank natch it's really all downhill (in a good way) from there. i love a guy who's half man half beast! it's cute! i would put him down with no remorse tho!

  • Aquanoids


    i felt like i already watched this cuz james sent me like 30000 clips a couple months ago but even the stuff he didnt send me is fully insane & hilarious. this movie's biggest flaw is that the coroner doesn't do sex to the corpse of a hot lady who died giving birth (in the coroner's office???) to a little baby aquanoid. missed opportunity!!!!! otherwise this is perfect and i wouldn't change a thing! perhaps my ideal live laugh love movie in that i lived, i laughed, and i loved every second of it! thanks aquanoids!

  • Blood Freak

    Blood Freak

    i told james i loved this cuz no one in it is a real actor & he yelled at me about tarzans yet his very review says the exact same thing?? very interesting "JAMES"!!!