Skyfall ★★★★

A classic Bond flick. Continues pushing the series forward, much like Casino Royale did. We see beautiful action sequences, a captivating villain, and a Bond with depth and meaningful relationships. These relationships provide strong character motivation and drive, allowing the audience to become invested in the hero.

The movie is not perfect. The woman who was purchased out of sex slavery, throwing aside all trauma when Bond sneaks up on her naked in the shower and rubs up on her butt (because, ya know, "oh James ;)) is weird. The final house fight, while cool, is a little bit impersonal. Would have MUCH preferred a 1 to 1 confrontation. There are moments where the director asks you to REALLY suspend disbilief (of course the villain knew the exact spot to plant a bomb because that's where Bond would catch up to him so that a train, at the exact perfect moment, would rumble through the hole of the explosion and allow for his escape).

Allow these few moments to roll off your back and you're left with a really good, top to bottom, James Bond movie.

Plus, probably the best Bond song ever. Thanks Adele.