West Side Story ★★★★

The dancing and music in West Side Story is undeniable. Movies still struggle to achieve this level of musical brilliance.

Unfortunately, some of this has aged. So much of this film speak towards race and the imbalance of power and the unfair treatment of Puerto Ricans. That is surprisingly modern. It's hard to overlook they hypocritical choices by the filmmakers themselves. The black (brown?) faced, over accentend Hispanic men and women in this movie flies in the face of one of the movies primary themes.

It's always hard to see a film done over 50 years ago and separate, "it was the times" from actual worthwhile criticism. I do want to give this movie credit for broaching the subject of racial inequality, while also hiring many Hispanic actors and actresses to play those roles. It just needs to be noted you could do this part of West Side Story better now, 60 or so years later.

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