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Brandon Rieff

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  • Assassins


    DOC NYC 2020, followed by the pre-recorded Q&A with director Ryan White and producer Jessica Hargrave.

  • 76 Days

    76 Days


    A patient lying in a hospital bed tells a medical worker, “you all are charging forward bracing the enemy’s fire.” The medical worker replies, “we are the same.”

    76 Days captures the uncompromising bravery and fearlessness of medical professionals working on the frontline in Wuhan, China during the city’s seventy-six-day lockdown. Alex Gibney’s Totally Under Control shows the failings of the U.S. political leadership and the Trump administration, whereas this film shows devastation and loss on a personal level. Our heroes…

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  • His House

    His House


    A refugee couple from South Sudan battles the psychological horror of living in a new, unfamiliar country. Trauma manifests through nightmares and visions of violence. In his impressive directorial debut, Remi Weekes explores a new form of horror: one that is rooted in a crisis that exists in our own world. His House is an example of a film that is pushing the genre forward in a startling, radical way. A favorite from the Sundance Film Festival 2020.

    Viewed at the Sundance World Premiere - Midnight Category.

  • Relic



    Seeing the mental deterioration of a loved one is an experience of horror. A person who provided you with comfort and guidance becomes unrecognizable; they embody someone else altogether. Relic does a great job at representing not only the burden placed upon a family in caring for someone with a neurodegenerative disease, but the frightening erosion of memory and self.

    The film employs familiar horror tactics and methods of building tension, but these moments are underscored with a new meaning.…