Annette ★★★

Annette is a movie I had been looking forward to seeing for quite some time. I hadn't seen any trailers or promotional materials or read any reviews or anything like that. All of my hype had been built up by my friends, half of whom walked out of the theater in disgust and the other half who loved it.

As for myself, I find myself somewhere in the middle, even though I did like this movie and consider it to be above average!

Leos Carax's opera feels like a cross between Repo! and Moulin Rouge with surrealist elements from Eraserhead thrown in. Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard give GREAT performances, and Simon Helberg is good too. The spectacle of this movie is impressive, but I kept finding myself wishing that this had been a braodway musical or a stage opera instead of a film.

Despite impressive visuals, Annette suffers from a lack of depth and an extremely bloated runtime. The music is very simplistic and there is no subtext at all for anything that is sung. It's very surface level musicianship, and I think that hurts the film. Annette is way too long and weirdly paced, but I still enjoyed the ride. I certainly wouldn't mind watching it again.

I think this is one of those movies that will find a cult appreciation ten years from now.

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