Carol ★★★★★

April Scavenger Hunt

Film #17: Carol
Task #20: A film which passes the Mako Mori test.

Carol is an outstanding film, nothing short of perfection. The art doesn't upstage the artisity, yet there is still a lot of beautiful art to appreciate yet it doesn't take away from such an aching and beautiful story to behold.

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara give, in my opinion, the two best peformances of the year. They both shine in their respectable roles, and you relate with each of them in their own ways.

Todd Haynes directing is fantastic. It's absolutely phenomenal. The biggest snub at the academy this year for sure, along with picture.

This is a grand film. It's fucking beautiful, yet aching and brutal among every turn. A truly amazing slow burning drama that got under my skin and will stick with me for ever. I can't stop thinking about it.

This is a short review, but oh my god. Everything about this film is masterful. I love it. Going to re-watch it. I just feel it.

It's meaningful, beautiful, yet haunting at the same time. This is a film that leaves a lot to think about.

Masterpiece. Also, the ending nearly had me in tears.

Maybe my new favorite score? That blew me away.

Seriously, you gotta see this if you haven't yet. I didn't cry, but the emotions I felt inside were so genuine and I felt so impacted by this. Carol makes you understand the characters more than you might understand yourself.

What a strange girl you are... flung out of space.

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