Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★½

“Someone’s in our house.”

Take a sip everytime somebody says “It’s been 40 years…” and then blurts out a cheesy one-liner about Michael. You’ll probably have more fun that way.

As a diehard fan of the original Halloween film, my absolute favourite horror film and the one that got me so into horror, I’ll be in the theater for every installment. I’ll save the long review about how much the original film means to me for when Halloween Ends comes out, but this film was pretty much what I expected - and not in a good way. Falls into the sequel trap (and I didn’t even think the 2018 film was that good either) by trying too hard to up the stakes to a ridiculous degree. This film is mostly just set-up and more set-up… and more set-up. I love slasher films, but this felt like it had too much going on, even more so than the 2018 film. I was kind of with this for the first act until the story went in a direction (I won’t spoil) that I really didn’t care for. It simply became boring. It’s still fun in spots - I love the score reminiscent of the original film - so hopefully the conclusion makes this rebooted franchise carry some merit in the end.

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