Midsommar ★★★★

It’s like people pay to go and see an Ari Aster movie produced by A24 and expect something normal like y’all played yourself walking out halfway through!
I’m not really sure what to think about this movie, but it freaked me the fuck out. There is some truly disturbing imagery and moments in this that will definitely stick with me, despite this not really being a horror movie as much as it was... something else. Idk what that was though, lmao. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous and embraces the landscape and scenery so well. I honestly can’t imagine this film without it’s score, which is just amazing and adds a lot to the film’s atmosphere. The film is also genuinely, honestly funny without ever feeling like it’s trying too hard to be. (WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD) Ultimately, I gathered that it’s a commentary on cultural ignorance (LAST WARNING, SPOILERS ahead) as all the people who ended up dying/being sacrificed at the end were either disrespectful to the culture, ignorant, or were just plain bad people. Tbh I would’ve cut the whole thesis subplot because while I see what Aster was trying to accomplish with that, I feel like it ultimately didn’t amount to much and dragged the film’s pacing out. The film is all about perspective, which the varying cinematography choices really convey well. A lot of the “trip” scenes are so well-directed. Like Hereditary, the situations that the characters find themselves in feel inescapable and honestly, I felt pretty claustrophobic during a lot of this. Probably where this film got to me the most for me was the opening 10-20 minutes involving Dani’s sister killing herself and her parents, which I found to be really disturbing and well paced. (SPOILERS END) Overall, this film is definitely growing on me the more I think on it, and you can’t really complain about a lack of originality in Hollywood if you choose to not support movies like this. That’s the tea. Oh, and Florence Pugh is brilliant in this. Like imagine being that talented

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