When You Finish Saving the World

When You Finish Saving the World ★★★★

Sundance 2022

While watching the mother and son dynamic here can be really difficult and uncomfortable to watch, the film does a wonderful job at portraying such awkward and out of touch characters in a way that kept me very engaged. Julianne Moore and Finn Wolfhard portray a mother and son dynamic extremely realistically, where they clearly have their differences and feel so opposed and distant from one another before discovering where their ends meet. It’s very interesting to see how the two character’s goals and actions in the film parallel each other. So many moments are genuinely hilarious because of how deeply uncomfortable everything is - these characters truly don’t see their flaws at all. I can understand why this film could be even unbearable to some people, and I did feel like it felt a bit too one note at times. However, I think Jessie Eisenberg does an incredibly wonderful job at finding the humanity in these characters at the end of the day. Overall, I really liked the directing style and the vibe of the movie as a whole. Also, we love to hear another amazing Emile Mosseri score.

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