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I believe this review is for Brendan Michaels.

I do know one thing for sure that this is his favorite film of all time. For me, it's right up there!

Drive is one of those films that I really enjoyed the first time I saw it. Unfortunately, I had no clue what to make it whether it was just plain good or a masterpiece of the 2010s. I didn't found the addictive pill I need to take at that time.
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Now in 2016, upon my second viewing of Drive, I began to build up more appreciation on the film's artistic techniques and how it made a huge impact in my heart as a human being who worships film as an "art form." To be honest, the more I think about it, the more likely it will land a slot on my Top 10 or 20 favorites list.

Everything about Drive came off as an absolute perfection. Ryan Gosling was magnificent and gives his best performance of his entire career. I still haven't seen The Nice Guys yet, even though I've heard that it was fantastic. In Drive, he really did showed an extra layer of talent he had to deliver a fascinating performance as the Driver. I'm gonna say this right off the bat! Ryan Gosling with his bloody scorpion jacket is my new man-crush!!!

This review of Drive will not be complete if I didn't mention the amazing soundtrack and Nicholas Winding Refn. First of all, Nicholas Winding Refn is a director that I need to keep a hawk-eye on because his directing was superb. The way he managed his movie felt like it was shot in an artistic form where you can actually tell that it didn't feel Hollywood-nised. It was a motion picture that was told in the vein of a very passionate person who examine them as some sort of intelligence that will become a feast in the eyes of many film-goers. Drive proves that Nicholas Winding Refn is the actual STAR of the movie!

By the way, the soundtrack was also brilliant. Having the beats of the music inside my head have kept me thinking into how to define this masterpiece of our generation. The rhythms and the sound definitely reminds me of electro and techno music combined into one great score. It's probably one of the best scores I've ever listened to in a very long time and I've listened to a lot of great ones in the past.

Drive is a film that every time I look back on it, I always learn something fresh and new that I never witnessed before especially the film-making and the grand scale of what Nicolas Winding Refn was able to do behind the camera.

It is a MUST see for any film-lover who appreciates film as "Art" like I do.

Grade: A+

I will say that this is not for everyone. But, at least every film-buff needs to experience Drive before they die by the hands of the Driver.

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