King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ★★★

Going to the movies on a rainy day where you have nothing productive to do with your life can sometimes be the perfect time to watch a "cable-like" film in theaters. That's how King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was exactly the way I wanted it to be: A generic Game of Thrones rip-off with bloated elements that reminded me of Gods of Egypt.

I wanted to like the movie more than I already did because the coming commercials for the movie on TV looks pretty interesting and is retold in a different vision on King Arthur than what the original King Arthur was back in 2004. Unfortunately, when I was watching K.A.II. in a dark, cold theater, there were moments where I thought it was salvageable enough to appreciate the direction Guy Ritchie was going for, but everything surrounding the sets kept getting slapped down by some of the slow pacing and ignorant script issues.

During this very summer movie season of 2017, I guarantee that it will most likely flop at the box office along with the Tom Cruisin' Mummy movie because I really don't think that anyone wants to see another sequel to finish off the King Arthur story-trilogy. So overall, decent watch, but could've been more better than it already was!

Sorry to disappoint some people!!!

Grade: C

I said it once and I will say it again! Give it a watch on one of those rainy afternoons. I guarantee it will suit your needs.

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