King Kong

King Kong ★★★★★

With Kong: Skull Island stomping into theaters next week, I have made a good decision to review a small selection of King Kong movies up until that official release. So, what to say about the 1933 classic that hasn't already been said?

King Kong is a roaring and entertaining adventure ride where the 8th Wonder of the World was brought to life on the silver screen during the golden ages of cinema thanks to its brilliant matte work of the creature that still holds up many, many, many, many years later.

Question! Are you afraid of apes? Yeah. But, a better question would be: "Are you afraid of humongous apes who can climb buildings and take your beloved ones from your hands?" Well, that would be a different story if it were to happen in reality. Protect the ones you love from this gritty love-stealer, folks!

Grade: A

So, in a few days, the last entry in my Kong series will be Peter Jackson's incarnation of the 8th Wonder of the World which came out in 2005. Stay tuned for that!

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