Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 ★★★★★

Damn. How much shit has our friendly neighborhood Spidey been going through? It's really sad to see our web-slingin' hero fell so far from grace so fast within the first 1 hour. I mean look what happened to him! He got fired from his pizza delivery job cause of lateness, wasn't able to attend Mary Jane's play cause of lateness, and lost all of his powers. Initially, I thought that he is done for good.

But, once I saw Peter dropping his glasses and starts to feel his abilities growing strong again within his veins, I immediately stood out of my coach and screamed to Doctor Octopus, "LOOK WHO'S BACK NOW, BITCH!!!" It was one of those great moment where you can clearly see that hope is back from the dead skies.

Spider-Man 2 is without question the best Spider-Man film that has ever existed with the first one being close second. Tom Holland, you have big shoes to fill in for your upcoming solo movie this July!!

Grade: A

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