The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man ★★½

If you guys have seen my Twitter post I made right here when I was secretly hanging out in the Lizardman's hideout, that marks the continuation of my Spidey series leading up to Homecoming which is 2 months away. I've already covered Sam Raimi's trilogy for the past 3 months. Now, let's dive into Marc Webb's jump into big budget film-making after his success with 500 Days of Summer, The Amazing Spider-Man!

Hmm. Before I re-watched the movie, I actually started feeling a little tingle going up my brain if a memorable recall from the past has clicked with me. I think I remember seeing it in the theater with my father back in the day when it came out. I did found myself enjoying it very much. It wasn't the Spider-Man movie that was very well executed in terms of how the origin story was told, but it was a really enjoyable movie when I saw it back then. Then, 5 years later, I decided to re-visit it because I initially thought that my opinions would remain the same. Unfortunately, I started to realize that it wasn't as memorable as what I remembered. In fact, the more I think about the movie right now, I'm starting to like it even less.

As my brain was fully matured enough, I was also starting to gather a clear vision that the way I judge a reboot is that if the people behind them have the right mindset on how to bring faithful source material from the original and re-creating the cinematic universe out of anything, they will most likely hold a serviceable, if not, great remake/reboot in their hands. But, for The Amazing Spider-Man on the other hand, I felt like Marc Webb wasn't the perfect choice to re-imagine a whole different universe of Peter Parker/Spider-Man because I can tell that he struggles to construct his own origin story of Spider-Man in his own perspective viewpoint due to some of the script elements that lacks creativity and adding fresh elements into the mix.

To be honest, I don't really hate Andrew Garfield as the new incarnation of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. However, my main problem with his portrayal is the fact that he wasn't as fulfilled and recognizable as what Tobey MaGuire was in the Sam Raimi movies because his character development could've been explored more deeper, so that the audience can follow his pros and cons as a nerdy high school student who has a huge passion in science. To this day, I still prefer Tobey MaGuire and Tom Holland as the friendly web-slinger.

Another thing that really bugged me was the Lizard-man's motivational plan to conquer New York City. His masterful evil-ish plan was to shoot a projectile into the air, releasing toxic gas into the environment, and then it will eventually turn them into human lizard because he thinks that they are superior human beings. When they're obviously not? Because they rip and tear shit apart? Ok. Also, the costume design for the Lizard looked pretty awful and it unfortunately did not hold up as well when I was watching it again. If Sam Raimi would've added his own incarnation of the Lizard and added Black Cat in his fourth installment, I really do wonder how it will turn out to be. But then again, who wants to see another Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie after the disappointing third film?

Speaking of the script, some of the writing the writers had to write for was pretty choppy at times. I mean if I would've looked at the script and thought about for 5 minutes, could've a better and well-written script been better than the one we got without having it being messy and all over the place?

Guys, I would rather watch Spider-Man 3 for this one any day. The reason why I say that is because even though Spider-Man 3 was a colossal disappointment as everyone would agree with, there were about 1/2 of the moments in that movie that I found pretty interesting and how Sam Raimi was able to manage them were solid at best. With The Amazing Spider-Man however, the final product of the movie felt like an unnecessary re-packaged present that no one else would wish to accept underneath their Christmas tree.

Grade: C-

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My fifth to last installment in my Spider-Man series will be The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I will be having that review up next month. Stay tuned for that!

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