The Village ★★★★★

January 2nd: I hit the ball and landed on first base with The Sixth Sense, the movie that commenced M. Night Shyamalan's career and went out stronger with his very First Big Hitter!

January 3rd: Next, I have reached second base with Unbreakable, the movie that re-defined the term, "underrated" and my tenderness behind the impressive film-making has started to bloom on that day. Ever since my re-visit, I considered it Shyamalan's masterpiece, the best superhero origin story that has ever been published, and one of my Top 5 all time favorites!

January 8th: I arrived at third base with Signs, the movie that proved that Shyamalan is the master of plot twists and the creativity behind his film-making style. Despite the fact that I got spoiled in what the reveal was, I'm still anticipating impatiently for a change of my grade sometime in the future.

Today on January 10th: I finally reached the home base with The Village, another super under-appreciated, but also misdirected Shyamalan flick that requires extra time into marinating your judgment down before making a final verdict while also exploring the theories that exists within the story-line before the current ending we've gotten back in 2004 was revealed. It's an arresting and haunting betrayal of love! I truly believe that a second viewing might satisfy my needs because doing so will demand me to study the film one more time if I were to digest a second thought with better understanding on why the plot twist ending worked in a way I wanted it to be. Combing yet another superb score by James Newton Howard with Roger Deakins' gorgeous cinematography, The Village is an isolated piece of film-making in Shyamalan's library that I hope more movie-goers will discover.

First, he wowed me with The Sixth Sense. Next, he continues his success with the divergent turn in comic books, Unbreakable. Then, he showed me why he's a master of unexpected curves in movies with Signs. Now, he vastly surprised me with The Village which needs to be studied by film students.

4 Great Movies in a Row and IT'S A HHOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEE RUN!!!!!

Grade: A

M. Night Shyamalan: Director – RANKED

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