Transformers ★★★★

I do think I remember seeing this movie in theaters when I was still in middle school back in 2007, but I don't remember any memories with my experience watching Michael Bay's attempt to create a live-action Transformers movie fans wanted. I do think I remembering enjoying it for what it was since I wasn't a huge Transformers fan growing up.

Now, I hit the year, 2017! At the age of 20, I went back and re-watched Transformers to see if I can gather my memories watching it 10 years ago. As soon as the final shot with Optimus Prime looking at the sunset was rolling on, memories were starting to dissect through my mind into recalling my theater experience when I was younger. Overall, I really did enjoyed this movie as a fun popcorn action flick.

One thing I do know for sure is the fact that this is the only 'good' Transformers movie under the helm of Michael Bay. Here's the reason why. When you think about the sequels that followed it, they were remotely released as bloated nothingness cash-grabs that tried so hard to capture the success of the first movie especially the next one and Age of Extinction in which I despised so much that my hatred only gets worse as I think about it even more. It was really painful and nauseating to get through. Unlike the three sequels and the upcoming fifth one titled "The Last Knight", the first installment managed to be self-aware of itself that it's basically made to capture the childhood-like feelings of what billions of fans remembered from watching the 80s cartoons and its spinoffs.

To be honest, the more I think about how much fun I had watching Transformers in 10 years, I actually want to start watching the 80s cartoon that every fanboy has been praising for many years. So, I might need to catch that show sometime.

But, allow me ask you guys this question. Can you imagine yourselves teleporting back to the 1980s, binge-watching the 80s cartoon goodness as the one show that you thanked God for giving you the amazing show, and then walked into the IMAX premiere of Transformers? Think about that! I would love to do things like that with my trusty DeLorean.

Grade: B+

Michael Bay: Director – RANKED

Next up in my BAYHEM series will be Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. My God! I cannot wait to talk trash abut that one.

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