Your Name. ★★★★★

Strangely, I knew very little about this film other than the fact that Chris Stuckmann stated this as one of the best films he saw last year (in which it was Number #4 on his list). He also said that it was his favorite animated film of that year. So, I went into it with two other good friends of mine and we unfortunately saw the English dub here at Long Island. We didn't get a chance to view the Japanese dub cause there were only two times playing late night. We decided to catch an early screening of it cause if we were to see the movie later in the night, I'm afraid that our bodies and voices will be body swapped at midnight.

So, I walked into the theater with minimum expectations and little knowledge about the animated feature film. When the movie was over, my eyes were filled with beauty and wonder and I stood frozen in my seat because on not only how the animation was some of the most gorgeous I've seen in a long-ass time, but on how Your Name's plot concept was told in a very innovative way that hasn't been told before. It's basically Freaky Friday, but told in glorious animated form and I do think it's way superior than that film by a long shot.

I loved Your Name so much that I completely forgot how much I really do appreciate anime as another good example of art-form in cinematic film-making. Last year, I said that Zootopia, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Moana were both Oscar-worthy contenders as my favorite animated film of 2016. But, after watching Your Name upon a wide release, this movie made me wish that the film totally deserved Best Animated Feature at the Oscars.

I'm still satisfied that Zootopia won, but my real question to the Oscars is: Where's all of the high-peaking recognition for Your Name?

Grade: A+

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