Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

David Fincher is simply one of the really great thriller masters. Zodiac is an absolute insider tip, Seven a modern classic and I really liked Social Network. And in my opinion "Gone Girl" can once again mercilessly convince, captivate, surprise. In my opinion, he can even turn people into absolute psycho-thriller fans!
Gone Girl is about a husband who is accused of killing his wife ... or not? A cat-mouse-guess game begins, in which the viewer is cheated, tricked and surprised extremely meanly and cleverly. Although the film goes on for a very long time, not a minute of tension is lost, which is also due to the very interesting and often set time jumps. In this way, the couple's past is skilfully illuminated and more and more hooks are made.
You can see David Fincher films at first glance - stylized, dark, cool, extremely pretty, perfectly (darkly) illuminated, mysterious, somewhat disgustingly morbid. Gone Girl is no exception, even after all these years the master has lost none of his visual punch. A pleasure to watch, a piece of art from film without style over substance.
Everyone who loves David Fincher films, especially The Game, experiences another high point here. I think even Hitchcock would applaud here. And anyway, the mass audience has never seen such twists and turns, broken characters, none of which are completely blameless. I even heard that the film makes the book look old here - which is known to be rare enough. You can argue about the end and above all one thing: discuss! Even if I personally see it as the weak point of the film, at least dramatically and logically.

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