Jurassic World

Jurassic World ★★★

Jurassic Park was much more than just the biggest blockbuster at his time, it is also one of the best films ever. I still like Part 2, even then he massively overdrives in the end. For part 3, even the cloak of silence is actually too valuable. So how does the functioning park in Jurassic World do decades later?
In Jurassic World, a genetically engineered killer crossing breaks out of its cage in the middle of the park full of thousands of visitors. Now it is (as always) running, hiding, looking for children ... and cooperating with raptors?
After JP3, expectations were actually so low that JW was open to a positive surprise. But the film clumsily runs against the frame, even with modern CGI dino power it doesn't manage to break these doors, or at least only in a few points.
As a Raptor tamer, Chris Pratt had a mammoth task ahead of him, which he brilliantly and with the right mix of kitsch hero and funny sayings. The clear, not too quickly cut action, some effects and a spectacular finale were also good. The strongest scenes are those of a dying brachiosaur (surprisingly sad!) and those that remind you of the ingenuity of the original and go as a tribute. So you definitely had respect for the Spielberg work.
You can guess that there is now a much longer list of criticisms, which should not tear the film apart, but should simply illuminate the wasted potential. JW is superficial, has more unpleasant characters than one would like, the dinosaurs often degenerate into irrelevant monsters, there are dozens of logic holes and questionable story decisions. Even the effects and the entire park are less impressive than hoped for and often seem sloppy. The strongest scenes remain those with mechanical effects and dinosaurs, CGI can always be seen 3 miles upwind. The cast was probably not quite sure whether the film took itself seriously or was really cheesy-stupid. In the end, the decision was made for an often irritating mix, in which more gags don't fire than hit the target and the action hardly creates any tension.
The film is partly comic-like, full of product placement, and not a single twist in the story is surprising. These are a lot of annoying points that take a lot of fascination and magic away from the film.
Better than part 3, that wasn't an art either. But even if you ignore part 1, just an artificial summer monster movie ...

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