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Sequel curse broken

10 reasons why "Scream 2" is one of the best sequels in the horror genre:
1. Another successful, surprising opening sequence!
2. More blood, more suspects, more speed, more hardness - everything fans expect from a sequel - and yet rules and patterns are turned inside out again!
3. For horror fans an equal conversation partner with massive name and title dropping.
4. Finale in the theater is a great, clever, fitting comment.
5. Randy continues to rock! (And its finish is painful and a huge mistake!)
6. The crackling air between Dewey and Gale is very sweet!
7. Make a credible, solid arc to the first part. The twist / resolution make sense.
8. Looks almost a bit rounder and more sophisticated than the original.
9. The afroamerican cameraman, who simply cleverly disappears in the middle of the film, is the best! : D
10. Maybe even more fun and frivolous and more confident than the previous one!

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