Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★½

Alright, it's good.

However, I have to start out by saying that I found the first two acts to be pretty mediocre, or just above it.
I didn't really buy the chemistry between Oliver and Elio.
The acting was fine, really good in fact, but something about the screenplay and direction just didn't bring enough engagement or performance out of them for me to really feel the mood or shape of their characters.
They felt dull and, other than a few moments, nothing about them or the movie itself stuck out to me until the third act.
That final act, and the ending itself, really were depressing, and I think I finally started to care about their relationship, or what could have been.
That last shot was just..... ugh.

I think Call Me By Your Name had the potential to be a great film if the first two thirds weren't lacking compassion and character interest, or even anything to make me care more about what was(n't) happening.
It just felt awkwardly empty and tedious.
The cinematography tried to make things move in a bit more absorbing manner, but it was just too held back by the fact that nothing really captivating was present.

Thank god that ending left me with something more to think and feel about.

I'll definitely remember that for awhile.

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